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Celebrities live glamorous and successful lives, but many have hobbies that might surprise you. Musicians, actors, business leaders, and athletes often pursue unique passions away from the spotlight. Their activities outside work reveal a different side to these famous faces.

Key Takeaways:

  • Celebrities have hobbies and interests that go beyond their professional lives.
  • These hobbies offer insights into their personalities and passions.
  • Steve Martin is an accomplished banjo player.
  • Angelina Jolie collects knives as a hobby.
  • Tom Hanks is a typewriter enthusiast.
  • Rihanna owns lizards as pets.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is an environmental activist.
  • Nicolas Cage collects dinosaur bones.
  • Katy Perry has a mushroom collection.

Steve Martin: Banjo Virtuoso

When we talk about Steve Martin, we usually think of his comedy and acting. But he’s more than that. He’s a talented musician and a master at playing the banjo.

He has loved the banjo since he was a kid. His passion for it grew quickly. Now, he’s well-respected in the banjo world because of his hard work.

Steve Martin plays the banjo not just for fun. He amazes people with his skills at music festivals and concerts. Everyone loves his unique sound and style on the banjo.

“I’ve always been drawn to the banjo because of its unique sound and the way it can evoke different emotions. It’s an instrument that allows me to express myself in a way that words alone cannot.”

Steve Martin truly dedicates himself to the banjo. This shows his deep love for music and his wish to show how amazing the banjo is.

Missing out on seeing Steve Martin play the banjo live would be a shame. His talent is incredible. You’ll see a side of him that’s more than just comedy and acting.

Steve Martin’s Top Banjo Albums

Album Release Year
“The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo” 2009
“Rare Bird Alert” 2011
“So Familiar” 2015
“The Long-Awaited Album” 2017

Angelina Jolie: Knife Collector

Angelina Jolie is more than a famous actress and a worldwide humanitarian. She’s known for something unusual – she loves collecting knives. Alongside her acting, Jolie enjoys the history and craftsmanship that goes into making knives.

Jolie’s hobby shows her strong, adventurous side. She gathers rare, historic knives. Each knife she collects has a unique story and design.

“Collecting knives means more to Angelina,” says someone close to her. “It’s about the history and cultural value of each blade. This lets her see the art from different parts of the world.”

Jolie doesn’t just like how knives look. She loves what they tell us about history and culture. Her collection features knives from many places and times, showing her love for different traditions.

She enjoys the process of finding unique knives. Jolie looks at every detail, from the handles to the blade patterns. She enjoys exploring the world of knife-making and the rich stories these knives carry.

“I love finding the hidden stories in each knife,” Jolie revealed once. “Imagine, a tool that holds so much history and meaning.”

Jolie works hard to find new knives for her collection. She visits special knife shops and searches through antique stores and auctions. Her travels help her find extraordinary knives, making her collection rich and varied.

Jolie often finds that the knives in her collection inspire her acting. The uniqueness of the knives often finds a way into the characters she portrays. This adds a special touch to her performances, making them more authentic.

Her interest in knives shows a side of Angelina Jolie many might not know. It reflects her varied interests and her bold exploration of new activities. This aligns with her career and artistic ventures, always giving her fans something new to admire.

Tom Hanks: Typewriter Enthusiast

Tom Hanks is famous for his roles on the big screen. However, his love for typewriting is just as big. As a typewriter enthusiast, he collects old and rare typewriters. He enjoys the history and craft behind these classic machines.

His passion for typewriters is shown through his collection. He searches for unique models from various times and designs. Hanks has typewriters from famous names such as Remington and Olympia. Each typewriter has a special story.

Typewriters are more than tools for Hanks. They stand for a traditional way of communicating. They remind him of a time when every word was carefully typed out. Typewriters connect the writer to their work in a special, physical way.

In today’s digital world, Hanks finds peace with typewriters. He likes to use them for writing personal letters and recording his thoughts. Typing on a typewriter lets him enjoy and value each word he types.

Hanks’ love for typewriters led to his book “Uncommon Type: Some Stories.” Released in 2017, this book’s stories are connected by the presence of a typewriter. This shows how much typewriters mean to him.

“I use a manual typewriter – and the United States Post Office – almost every day.” – Tom Hanks

Hanks’ interest in typewriters has brought these old machines back into the spotlight. He shows that the art of writing, no matter how technology changes, remains important. His hobby shows the lasting value of heartfelt communication.

Tom Hanks’ Impressive Typewriter Collection

Typewriter Model Year Brand
Olivetti Lettera 32 1963 Olivetti
Remington Travel-Riter 1958 Remington
Olympia SG1 1954 Olympia
Smith Corona Super-Silent 1949 Smith Corona

Hanks’ love for typewriters is more than a hobby. It brings together past memories, careful craft, and personal expression. With his collection, he highlights the beauty of these classic writing machines.

Rihanna: Lizard Owner

Rihanna stands out from other stars. She owns exotic lizards, changing what fans might expect. Having these pets shows her bold and curious side, finding beauty in the unexpected.

Rihanna says lizards are fascinating. Their unique look and grace draw her in, feeling close to nature.

Rihanna’s lizards get the best care. This speaks to her kind heart, loving every creature she meets.

Exploring the World of Lizard Ownership

Raising lizards is a mix of challenges and joys. Rihanna’s dedication and understanding set her apart. She’s a knowledgeable guide for others looking to care for lizards.

Rihanna uses her love for lizards to share important pet care tips. Her goal is to make the world better for all reptile pets.

Thinking about getting a lizard? Keep these tips in mind:

  • First, research the type of lizard you want. Different kinds need different care.
  • Next, make a home for your lizard that feels like their natural space. It needs warmth, light, and places to hide.
  • Feed your lizard the right food, according to its needs. Always check with a pro to pick the best diet.
  • Lastly, regular vet visits are a must for your lizard’s health. A good vet can give tips on care and check for any problems.

Owning lizards is about more than just having a pet. It’s a way to get closer to nature. Rihanna’s journey with her lizards shows how caring for them enriches her life.

Rihanna with her exotic lizards

Leonardo DiCaprio: Environmental Activist

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t just a famous actor. He’s also a powerful voice for the environment. He’s known for his hard work against climate change.

DiCaprio takes his role as a defender of Earth seriously. He works to tell everyone about the dangers of climate change. His foundation helps many projects aimed at protecting our planet.

DiCaprio’s efforts are felt worldwide. He works with many people to make a difference. Through his speeches and films, he shows why we must act now to save our planet.

DiCaprio believes it’s his duty to protect the Earth for all people.

DiCaprio inspires people to join the fight to save our Earth. He uses his fame to make a difference. He shows that everyone can help, no matter who they are.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Environmental Efforts

Let’s explore some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s work for the environment. Here are a few of his important projects and achievements:

Initiative Description
The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation In 1998, DiCaprio started this organization. It aims to protect nature, its creatures, and fight climate change.
Documentaries He made movies like “Before the Flood” and “The 11th Hour.” They talk about the dangers of climate change.
Advocacy and Philanthropy DiCaprio talks about the need for better environmental laws. He gives a lot of his money to help the planet. His support goes to things like saving forests and using more clean energy.
Partnerships and Collaborations He works with top experts and organizations. Together, they push for actions to care for the Earth better.

Nicolas Cage: Dinosaur Bone Collector

Nicolas Cage is known for his acting career. But did you know he loves collecting dinosaur fossils? This shows his love for the ancient world.

His collection is full of rare fossils, showing his deep respect for them. Cage actively looks for new fossils, not just to own but to learn from them. This shows he’s not only a great actor but also deeply curious.

Nicolas Cage Dinosaur Bone Collector

Cage’s interest helps keep these prehistoric items safe for the future. He acts as a bridge between these ancient times and today. By sharing his passion, he gets others excited about our planet’s past.

The Importance of Fossil Collection

Collecting fossils is more than a hobby for Cage. It helps us learn about the Earth’s history. These ancient remains tell stories of life long before us.

“Collecting dinosaur fossils allows us to uncover secrets that have been buried for millions of years. It’s like being able to hold a piece of history in your hands.” – Nicolas Cage

His work isn’t just for himself. It adds to what we know about prehistory. Fossils are our direct link to the past.

Benefits of Fossil Collection
1. Scientific Discoveries
2. Preservation of History
3. Educational Opportunities
4. Conservation and Protection
5. Cultural Significance

In collecting fossils, Cage not only follows his heart. He also shows us why these ancient treasures are so valuable. Going after them, he reminds us of the adventure in learning our planet’s story.

Katy Perry: Mushroom Collection

Katy Perry, the famous singer, has a hobby that might surprise you. She loves collecting mushrooms. She spends time away from her music career to explore the world of fungi. Here, she finds and keeps rare and beautiful mushrooms.

Perry’s mushroom interest shows her deep connection with nature. Curiosity and love for the natural world drive her. She carefully picks out each mushroom, looking at their shapes, colors, and unique qualities.

Her mushroom collection is more than just a hobby. It’s about exploring and learning about these amazing living things. This passion gives her a much-needed break from the stage. It also reminds her and others about the beauty of nature, and why we need to protect it.


What is Steve Martin’s hobby?

Steve Martin loves playing the banjo. He often performs at music festivals and shows.

What is Angelina Jolie known for collecting?

Angelina Jolie collects rare and old knives. Her knife collection is famous.

What is Tom Hanks’ hobby?

Tom Hanks collects typewriters. He especially loves finding rare and old ones.

What is one of Rihanna’s unusual hobbies?

Rihanna keeps lizards as pets. She has them in her house.

What cause is Leonardo DiCaprio passionate about?

Leonardo DiCaprio fights for our planet. He works a lot to save nature and stop climate change.

What does Nicolas Cage collect?

Nicolas Cage collects fossils and bones from dinosaurs. This is his interesting hobby.

What does Katy Perry enjoy collecting?

Katy Perry enjoys finding and collecting mushrooms. She looks for different and unique types.

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