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Are you looking for top-notch pop culture podcasts that combine entertainment with information? Then, look no further! We’ve gathered a list of the finest pop culture podcasts. These podcasts stand out for their relevance, authority, and following on social media. They cover everything from the latest celebrity buzz to deep cultural talks. So, check out our chosen list below. Start following these top shows now!

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the best pop culture podcasts for entertainment and information.
  • Our curated selection considers relevancy, authority, social media followers, and freshness.
  • Choose from a variety of topics including celebrity gossip, trending entertainment, and cultural discussions.
  • Tune in and stay up-to-date with the latest in pop culture.
  • Join the conversation with these popular podcasts.


Popcast is a top podcast led by Jon Caramanica. He’s a pop music critic for The New York Times. The show explores popular music criticism, trends, and news in an engaging way. Jon’s discussions add keen insights to the music scene.

Jon Caramanica shines with his deep pop music knowledge. Each show is filled with his expert understanding and exciting stories. He tackles new albums and global music influences. These talks shed light on the dynamic world of pop music.

His work at The New York Times sets him as a leading voice in pop music. Caramanica’s reviews and views are respected in the industry. His show, Popcast, is a key resource for music fans and pros.

Popcast is also active on Facebook and Twitter. It’s very involved with the pop music online community. This gives fans a chance to share and talk about their favorite music topics.

If you love pop music or just want to keep up with the latest music trends, check out Popcast. It’s a great podcast for music lovers.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

Are you into all things pop culture? Then, you’ll love Pop Culture Happy Hour! It’s a fun podcast that talks about movies, TV shows, books, and music. The hosts are experienced journalists from NPR. They lead interesting talks and suggest cool stuff to watch or read.

This podcast loves discussing both big Hollywood hits and indie films. It’s perfect for anyone who loves movies. The hosts give their take, look at what’s trending, and offer deep thoughts on the film scene.

Pop Culture Happy Hour also focuses on TV shows. It dives into the big shows and talks about the TV trends. If you’re into Netflix or classic TV, you’ll find it interesting.

They don’t forget about books and music. The hosts pick their top books, talk about what’s new, and suggest reads for every taste. In the music part, they cover everything from top hits to indie finds. You’ll learn about new music and see the music world change.

Being an NPR show, it’s both professional and interesting. The hosts really know their stuff. They give lots of different views and insights on entertainment.

“Pop Culture Happy Hour is the perfect blend of fun and facts. The hosts really enjoy what they do, and their talks make me want to learn more about pop culture.” – Avid listener

Join the Pop Culture Conversation

Pop Culture Happy Hour is more than a podcast; it’s a whole community. Join by following them online. Discuss with other fans. Share your views and favorite moments in pop culture. It’s a great way to connect with others who love what you love.

Podcast Name Genre Hosts Frequency
Pop Culture Happy Hour Movies, TV shows, Books, Music Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson, Aisha Harris, and more Weekly

If you want a podcast that keeps you in the loop about entertainment, try Pop Culture Happy Hour. It’s both fun and full of good info. You won’t run out of things to watch or read with their recommendations. Stay informed and join the fun in the pop culture talk!

Tea Time UNFILTERED With Lovelyti

Tea Time UNFILTERED is perfect for those who love talking about the latest in hip-hop, pop culture, and social media trends. Hosted by Lovelyti, it covers a lot of ground. You’ll get fun news, real talks, and learn about many topics. The show has lots of episodes and is very popular on Spotify.

Are you someone who wants to know all the big news in hip-hop and pop culture? Then, Tea Time UNFILTERED is the place to be. Lovelyti talks with guests and has conversations that make you think. Her style is interesting and keeps you listening. Plus, you’ll always know what’s hot right now.

“Tea Time UNFILTERED takes a direct and honest look at hip-hop and pop culture. Lovelyti is so knowledgeable and passionate. This makes each episode a must-hear for anyone who likes to be on top of things.” – TheHipHopMag

Join the Conversation

Tea Time UNFILTERED is more than a podcast; it’s a group of friends. You can chat with other fans and talk about the latest shows on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, there’s cool stuff and news that only fans get to see.

Recent Episodes:

  • “Exploring the Evolution of Hip-Hop with Special Guest DJ Khaled”
  • “The Influence of Pop Culture on Fashion: An Insider’s Perspective”
  • “Navigating Cancel Culture: Personal Stories and Lessons Learned”

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The Watch

Love TV, movies, and music? Then you’ll love The Watch podcast. Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan host it. They dive deep into pop culture’s world, offering a fun and immersive experience.

The podcast discusses the hottest topics and trends in entertainment. You’ll hear about the newest TV show episodes and the latest blockbuster movies. Andy, Chris, and their guest experts share their fresh perspectives.

Music is also a key focus of The Watch. The podcast talks about new music, favorite artists, and industry trends. It’s great for music fans or anyone looking for new tunes.

Highlights of The Watch:

  • Fresh and engaging episodes released frequently to keep you up to date on the latest happenings in pop culture.
  • Insightful analysis and thoughtful discussions that go beyond surface-level commentary.
  • Special guests who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.
  • Diverse range of topics, from TV shows and movies to music, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Don’t be out of the loop with pop culture. Listen to The Watch to know the latest in TV, movies, and music.

Mention It All

Tune in to Mention It All, a fun podcast that keeps you in the loop with Bravo’s latest. Dylan Hafer and Bari Rosenfeld host this show. It’s perfect for those who love the Real Housewives and more.

This podcast brings you highlights like weekly show recaps and gossip from social media. Also, they have special chats with Bravolebrities. Dylan and Bari’s insights and fun talks will keep you hooked.

Experience the excitement of Bravo’s hit reality shows like never before. Mention It All digs deep into the Real Housewives world. You’ll hear behind-the-scenes facts, personal stories, and tons of star gossip. It’s your pass to the drama and glam of Bravo.

Dylan and Bari love Bravo as much as you do. Their passion and knowledge shine in each episode. Whether you’re new to Real Housewives or a longtime fan, this show is for you. It’s a must-listen for everyone into pop culture.

Why Choose Mention It All?

  • High frequency of episodes, ensuring you never miss out on the latest Bravo news and updates
  • Large following on Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to connect with fellow Bravo enthusiasts
  • Insider access to the world of Bravo, with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes stories
  • Diverse range of content, covering a variety of Bravo shows and topics
  • Engaging hosts who bring humor, passion, and expertise to every episode
  • A lively and fun atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re chatting with friends

If you’re eager to learn more about Bravo, grab something to drink and tune in to Mention It All. Get ready for loads of juicy gossip, drama, and all the fun Real Housewives brings.

Awards Chatter

Dive into show business with Awards Chatter. It’s a podcast hosted by Scott Feinberg. He talks with big names in the industry. You can learn about actors, musicians, and filmmakers. The podcast has many episodes and is very popular on social media. If you love pop culture, you should listen to Awards Chatter.

Scott Feinberg chats openly with top celebrities. They talk about their work and what it’s like to be in the spotlight. These talks give us a special look into the entertainment world.

Awards Chatter shows the real people behind Hollywood. It’s more than fame; it’s about love for making movies and music.” – The Hollywood Reporter

If you enjoy movies, music, or theater, Awards Chatter is for you. It has guests from all parts of show business. You’ll hear from well-known stars and newcomers. They share their stories and insights with us.

Highlights from Awards Chatter:

  • Behind-the-scenes stories from the set
  • Advice for aspiring performers and filmmakers
  • Insights into the industry’s most prestigious awards
  • Unfiltered discussions on the realities of working in show business

Awards Chatter is full of interviews that are fun and teach us a lot. Listen to learn more about Hollywood. Discover the talented people who make our favorite films and shows.

Decoder Ring

If you’re into uncovering cultural secrets, you’ll love Decoder Ring. Willa Paskin hosts this podcast, exploring cultural questions, objects, and habits. The show’s deep dive into these topics is both thought-provoking and frequent, making it a great listen for pop culture fans.

Have you ever wondered about the origins of slang or why certain cultural trends took off? Decoder Ring is all about answering these questions. It reveals the hidden histories and interesting narratives behind what we see in our culture.

In each episode, Paskin looks into a unique cultural mystery. By examining things like where popular expressions come from to why some trends don’t last, she helps listeners understand our world better. This process is filled with detailed research and smart analysis.

The podcast is designed with care – you can tell by the deeply researched episodes and Paskin’s engaging storytelling. She makes even tough cultural topics easy to grasp. The blend of storytelling, journalism, and analysis in Decoder Ring will keep you listening intently.

If you’re keen on pop culture, history, or just enjoy a good mystery, give Decoder Ring a shot. So, get comfortable, pull up a drink, and prepare to explore the wondrous world of culture with Decoder Ring.

Culture Pop Podcast

Dive into the vibrant world of pop culture with the Culture Pop Podcast. Explore all kinds of topics like movies, music, entertainment news, and trends. You’ll get to enjoy conversations and advice from various pop culture fans.

Are you a hardcore pop culture lover or just want to keep up with the latest entertainment? The Culture Pop Podcast is perfect for you. Listen for interesting talks on recent movies, breaking down current music trends, and fun news from the entertainment world.

“The Culture Pop Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who loves the mix of popular culture and society. It features varied hosts and many episodes, providing a fresh view on movies, music, and much more!” – Pop Culture Enthusiast

Don’t miss the Culture Pop Podcast’s frequent episodes. It’s the best way to stay current with the latest buzz and recommendations. Whether you enjoy blockbuster movies, smaller films, great music, or fresh entertainment news, there’s something here for you.

Put on your headphones and start listening to the Culture Pop Podcast now. With its cool hosts, deep discussions, and wide variety of topics, you’re sure to have a great time. It’s an awesome way to stay up to date and have fun with pop culture.

FourthWall POP! Network

Are you looking for a podcast network that talks about different lifestyle and pop culture topics? Try out FourthWall POP! Network. It brings shows covering sports, the MCU, online dating, and parenting. With many different hosts, there’s always something new to listen to.

Stay in the loop with lifestyle, sports, and pop culture trends on FourthWall POP! Network. Enjoy deep talks on parenting and thorough Marvel movie reviews. There’s a podcast here for everyone’s taste.

Find shows that match your interests, from staying current with sports to getting parenting tips. FourthWall POP! Network has a wide selection of entertaining and informative podcasts. They cover a broad range of topics, making learning and having fun easy.

Dominate the Sports Arena

Love sports? FourthWall POP! Network is perfect for you. Dive into podcasts discussing sports, including game breakdowns and player interviews. It doesn’t matter if you love basketball, football, or soccer, there’s content for every sports fan.

Explore the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Excited by the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? Check out FourthWall POP! Network’s podcasts about Marvel. Enjoy reviews of the latest movies, TV shows, fan theories, and more. These podcasts are essential for fans of the comic world.

Navigate the World of Online Dating

Curious about online dating? FourthWall POP! Network has podcasts filled with advice and fun stories. These shows are perfect for anyone wanting to learn or just have a laugh. You’ll get tips for making a great dating profile and hear amusing dating tales.

“FourthWall POP! Network brings together a wide mix of podcasts on lifestyle, sports, parenting, and more. With its diverse hosts, it’s a place for lively, informative chats. Join the community and explore this engaging content.”

With FourthWall POP! Network, finding your interests in podcasts is easy. They have so many shows waiting for you to discover them. Start exploring their content today.


When it comes to pop culture podcast recommendations, you’ve got a lot to pick from. Looking for something to binge on? Or shows you just have to hear? Or maybe podcasts that make you think? Well, the world of podcasts has it all.

Your playlist should have a mix of entertaining and informative podcasts. Keep up with the latest and dive into the world of pop culture. As you listen to these suggested podcasts, you’re in for a treat.

Thinking of diving into the pop culture world? Check out our top pop culture podcast picks. You’ll find shows about celebrities and the latest trends. They offer both fun and a peek into current happenings in entertainment.


What is Popcast?

Popcast is a podcast by Jon Caramanica from The New York Times. It looks at pop music trends and news.

What is Pop Culture Happy Hour?

Pop Culture Happy Hour talks about movies, TV, books, and music. It’s hosted by arts journalists from NPR.

What is Tea Time UNFILTERED?

Tea Time UNFILTERED, hosted by Lovelyti, focuses on hip-hop and pop culture. The podcast features fun news and talks about the latest trends.

What is The Watch?

The Watch, by Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan, dives into TV, movies, and music. They have deep discussions about pop culture trends.

What is Mention It All?

Mention It All looks closely at Real Housewives and more. Dylan Hafer and Bari Rosenfeld talk about episodes, social media, and chat with Bravolebrities.

What is Awards Chatter?

Awards Chatter, hosted by Scott Feinberg, interviews famous actors and filmmakers. They discuss their work in-depth.

What is Decoder Ring?

Decoder Ring, hosted by Willa Paskin, explores cultural topics and objects. It uncovers their meanings and shares interesting facts.

What is Culture Pop Podcast?

Culture Pop Podcast discusses movies, music, and entertainment news. It features diverse hosts and offers engaging conversations.

What is FourthWall POP! Network?

FourthWall POP! Network covers lifestyle and pop culture with many hosts. Topics include sports, the MCU, parenting, and more.

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